Celebrate Christmas, Louisiana-style!

Christmas is a time to celebrate with family, and no one does that better than Louisiana! This new experience immerses you in Cajun Christmas traditions and games

Cajun Christmas is a 25 minute performance with an opening show on the courthouse steps. You'll board our trolley with a delightful guide, who tells stories of how they celebrate Christmas in the bayou as you take a short ride to the Historic Village. At the village, everyone gets out to meet Papa Noel and play with Gaston the Gator and his friends! This trolley is not handicapped accessible.

Roam and Play with Gaston and the Gators

From there you will be free to roam the village, visit the museum, wrassle with gators, play a scavenger hunt, or dance to music. There is no limit to how long you can stay at the village, but trolleys will pick up guests to ride back to the courthouse every 30 minutes, the final ride arriving at 8:00pm.


🏅 Cajun Christmas Awards

Win a crawfish necklace for completing the crawfish scavenger hunt! Beat a gator in a wrasslin' competition to win a certificate!


A Destination Performance!

Immerse yourself in the story in this destination performance! Your trolley will arrive to the Historic Village where you will disembark to wander and join in on all the fun! We've drawn up a map of the area so you can see all there is to do while on this exciting, Cajun adventure!


Take the story home with you!

You can buy the Cajun Night Before Christmas at Bodacious Bookstore.

Take the story home with you to join this Louisiana tradition!

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