Intrude Upon the Grinch



Reservations for Photos with the Grinch have sold out for 2021. We'll announce our plans for 2022 on July 1, so sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to make sure you find out first!

A small number of Grinch photo sessions may be available for walk-up reservations during the event. If you are joining us for another activity, stop by the photos table and ask about availability.

Photo Package
All Digital Files$37
The Grinch is waiting! This exciting photo-op is trash-loads of fun!

Not Necessarily on the Nice List?

Santa’s favorite nemesis, The Grinch, will allow you to intrude upon his presence for a photo or two. Just like for Santa, guests can reserve their time online or in person at Winterfest and the Grinch's domain has room for a whole family to be in the photo.

You will be led to the Grinch’s throne, located behind Santa’s sleigh. While he LOATHES visitors, the Grinch will reluctantly allow you to intrude upon his solitude and sit on top of a few trashcan seats for a photo.

To protect his precious "me time" the Grinch insists that you arrive 5 minutes early to your reservation and check in at the Photos table located in front of Santa’s sleigh.

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The Grinch's Mean Trick…

The grumpy green one likes to ask children what they don’t want for Christmas! Be careful, Mr. Grinch has some tricks up his sleeve. He has a special lever that can launch you out of your seat.

Great quality digital photos

Despite his sour face, the Grinch really cares about how he looks in photos. You'll definitely want to share this fun memory with friends! Guests will receive a festive thumb drive with all the original quality pictures from their experience. At the end of your visit, you can go visit Santa! Or perhaps catch the next performance on one of our tours.


Want Even More Grinchy Grouchiness?

Check out the Grinch Tour for even more of the Grinch, the Whos, and wacky Christmas adventure.